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Category: TMJ Pain & Symptoms

Splint vs. Orthotic

The splint is designed for palliative use only…it cannot achieve a “cure”. A splint is made from a variable thickness of plastic that is non-measured. Typically it is worn on either the upper or lower arch at night. The patient is discouraged from chewing any foods that challenge the muscles and from opening wide to […]

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TMJ, The Great Imposter

We have many patients that arrive at our clinic suffering from pain for years and years. It is very common to hear “how come nobody told me about this sooner?” And the answer is because TMJ dysfunction mimics many other illnesses and can easily be confused with such diagnoses as migraines, anxiety, depression, arthritis, Fibromyalgia […]

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Dealing with TMJ pain & symptoms

Most TMJ sufferers have been dealing with the pain and symptoms for many years. Usually it starts out with one or two symptoms and gets worse as the years go by. The pain and discomfort can affect day to day life in a very negative way. Some people become withdrawn because it hurts to open […]

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Why early orthodontic intervention should be done…early!

To understand what follows…know this…TMJoint disease is genetic. It is passed down from generation to generation. When the six-year molars occlude (come together in a bite), along with family genetics, the condyles are placed in the “wrong” place in the TMJoint capsule. Because of this “wrong” condylar position due to family genetics and six-year molar […]

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