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Dealing with TMJ pain & symptoms

Most TMJ sufferers have been dealing with the pain and symptoms for many years. Usually it starts out with one or two symptoms and gets worse as the years go by. The pain and discomfort can affect day to day life in a very negative way. Some people become withdrawn because it hurts to open their mouth. Others have a poor attitude because they never feel good and it is hard to be happy when you are in pain. We hope that people will get support or treatment before it takes over their lives. If the chronic pain lasts longer it can lead to depression because the body becomes overwhelmed with the pain and breaks down causing many more issues in the body.

Depression can cause serious symptoms that need to be treated along with your TMJ treatment. Some people’s depression is based on other things but when it is the result of chronic pain it can go away once your symptoms do.

While you are going through TMJ treatment we will encourage and support you in any way we can to make it easier and less painful. Dr. Insolera will recommend postural strengthening therapy and massage therapy. The postural care will help to build up the muscles used to support your head and neck. The massage therapy helps to reduce adhesions in muscles and relax your body. Both of these are beneficial to a TMJ patient.