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Treatment For Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Greater Madison, WI Area

Are you suffering from a sleep disorder? Believe it or not, your dentist may be able to help. At TMJ and Sleep Center, located in Middleton, WI, Dr. Insolera is committed to diagnosing and, when possible, treating sleep disorders. Whether you’re plagued with sleep apnea or another type of sleep disorder, Dr. Insolera has the tools to evaluate your condition and recommend solutions based on your needs.

What Does The Airway Look Like?

Normal Airway
The airway in people who do not snore or have sleep apnea remains open during sleep. Normal airway during sleep is open and unobstructed. It is possible to snore without sleep apnea.

Obstructed Airway
The airway in people who have sleep apnea collapses during sleep. There are no snoring sounds since no air is moving. At the end of the apnea phase, there is typically a gasp or snort as air starts flowing again. It is possible to have sleep apnea without snoring.

Treatment Options

TMJ and Sleep Center offers the most state-of-the-art Sleep Apnea treatment techniques in the Greater Madison, WI Area using the latest advancements in oral sleep appliances. Whether you are C-PAP intolerant, or simply want to explore new treatment options for your sleep disorder, TMJ and Sleep Center focuses on providing alternatives to surgical options and C-PAP equipment.

The TMJ and Sleep Center can ensure our sleep appliances are successful by our objective documentation of your airway and air flow. The objective airway measurement results determine, and prove, how successful a sleep appliance can be in providing you with the vital air you need for a full night of rest. It is important to communicate your results with your Primary Medical Doctor as well.

Air is the single most important thing you can put in your body. At TMJ and Sleep Center, our objective documentation and Dr. Insolera’s 25 years of experience in Middleton, WI ensure proper diagnosis. Whether an intra-oral sleep appliance, C-PAP equipment, or surgery is the best treatment for you, Dr. Insolera with TMJ and Sleep Center will always provide prompt, professional diagnosis and treatment.

Personalized Care

When you come to TMJ and Sleep Center for our sleep disorder dentistry services, you’ll get access to a warm, caring group of professionals who want to help you overcome your condition. As a valued patient, you’ll receive our full attention during every appointment. After all, you deserve nothing less. Breathing well for a healthy night’s sleep is not taken lightly at the TMJ and Sleep Center. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Insolera, call us today!