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Testimonials: How we’ve helped previous clients

Patient is done with ear pain/congestion, jaw clicking, pain when chewing, teeth/bite completely misaligned! TMJ and Sleep Center say good-bye to another pain free patient!

Double graduation at the TMJ Center! Mom and daughter free from mouth pain, headaches, and restricted mouth opening. Congratulations!

Saying a happy good bye to another graduate! All neck pain , headaches, jaw pain, throat pain are in the past. Congratulations from the TMJ and Sleep Center!

Happy New Year and graduation for this young lady from the TMJ Center. Headaches, locking jaw, facial pain are gone. Pain free for the New Year!

TMJ Center alert ! Patient has graduated. Neck, jaw pain are gone. Vertigo gone. Congratulations!

Graduation Day! Cracking jaws and headaches gone!

“How do you put into words the way it feels to get your life back? Before seeing Dr. Insolera I was receiving Dilaudid injections up to 3 times a week along with Morphine and taking Vicodin for my headaches. I had suffered debilitating headaches for over 5 years. I have gone through countless medical tests including multiple spinal taps, MRI’s, and CT Scans. I was being tested for a brain tumor to Multiple Sclerosis. After all tests came back clear, I then began a daily regimen of multiple pills, including pills that render me almost immobile. After just a few visits with Dr. Insolera, I began experiencing life the way it should be. I am happy to say that I have been headache free for a little over a month! I smile more often, laugh a lot, and truly enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Insolera and the staff at the TMJ Center!!!” – Jenny S.


“I just wanted to write a short note about how much this office has helped me! I came in with very bad pain in my jaw to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I was told that I had a moderate to severe case of TMJ. I started to notice the difference the first day with my new soft mouthpiece. Things got better as I got a thicker one and even better with the hard mouthpiece I now have! Thanks so much!” – Tracy


“My lower back problems started 15 or 20 years ago and got progressively worse. Just slightly bumping my leg on a bed or sofa caused horrible pain. Sometimes my husband had to help me out of the car after just a 7-mile drive home from work. Throughout these years I’d seen my chiropractor for my “chronic back pain” so often that my insurance company was starting to refuse to pay for all the treatments. My husband’s co-worker told him about the TMJ Center and the success he’d had. We both figured I didn’t have anything to lose since I’d been to doctors and nothing was found. Even my chiropractor visits couldn’t relieve the pain for very long. Well after 2 years, many trips to Middleton, a hefty bill and back pain that is virtually non-existent, I have to admit it was well worth the money spent. My chiropractor (although I don’t see him much anymore) has been so impressed with my success he wants to learn more about TMJ. He wants to suggest to some of his other patients to try the TMJ Clinic. P.S. A special thank you to all the staff at the TMJ Clinic. You do a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks.” – Dorothy, Wisconsin Dells


“My life with TMJ had gotten to the point where I no longer could see a path forward. I had lost hope of ever talking, laughing, eating or smiling without pain and effort again. For more than five years I had gone to doctors, dentists, and physical therapists, but I never got relief and my symptoms remained present and grew worse. After beginning Dr. Insolera’s treatment, I have experienced life changing results in a relatively short amount of time. I have begun to talk again without constant pain. I have also begun to laugh, smile, and eat. But most importantly of all, I now have hope that I can be the person I was before all of this and get my life back!” – Gwen


“Our family was brought to Dr. Insolera through the history of my own TMJ. As a child, I was put through conventional orthodontics and in the process had many teeth pulled to accommodate for a small mouth and narrow jaw. By my early 20’s, I was having significant jaw pain, headaches and evidence of wear and tear on my teeth from nighttime grinding. I was given a night guard by my dentist and sent on my way. After many different night guards and methods, it didn’t get better and I ignored it. Fast forward to January 2016, I started noticing my own children were exhibiting symptoms of TMJ. My oldest was waking up with jaw pain, headaches and neck pain. My youngest was showing signs of nighttime grinding and also experiencing frequent headaches. Upon ruling out any medical concerns with MRIs and X-rays, I sought out the help of Dr. Insolera.

I believe all three boys and myself have truly benefited from the services Dr. Insolera provides. I have seen drastic improvement with regard to headaches, nausea, and joint pain. Not only does Dr. Insolera deal with orthodontic treatment and TMJ, but he educates patients on ways to strengthen the muscles of the jaw, neck and back. He has been a blessing to our family.” – Jodi

For more information on TMJ and genetics, click here.


“Dear Dr. Insolera & the most welcoming staff:
It is with my most sincere gratitude and appreciations that I thank you for your invested time and efforts these past two years. A life altering impact you have made, and I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact you’ve had on restoring normalcy and function in my daily routine. I have only positive regards to say about the warmness and professionalism of everyone at the TMJ Center! Thank you again.”
– Susan R.


“Dear Dr. Insolera and Mary,
I just wanted to thank you both for all that you did to help me be pain free! I know I was not always the easiest patient and asked a lot of questions, but you all were always so helpful. Now I can say I have zero pain with my jaw! Thank you for all you do and for taking good care of me. I would recommend you to anyone with jaw pain! Thank you so much!” – Joy P.


“Dear Dr. Insolera,
Thank you so much for all your care and expertise to fix our jaws and smiles.”
– Paul & Karen L.


“Thank you for all you’ve done for us, it really has worked! Keep up the good work.”
– Hattie


“Dear Dr. Insolera and team,
Thank you for you conscientious and capable delivery of TMJ and orthodontic care to my family and I over the last few years. The positive changes in facial contours and intra-oral space extend to increased neuro-muscular comfort and seemingly better sinus drainage. Also, the often over-looked connection between posture and jaw joint alignment, is an integral part of your treatment. As an occupational therapist who already felt TMJ and postural changes from Cranio-Sacral Therapy before our association, I especially valued your understanding of posture as a foundation, which impacts the alignment of the hinged jaw joint. A final benefit to my oral health, was an improved bite, that eliminated impact between upper/lower front teeth (probable basis for my atypical, pre-mature periodontal disease of just those teeth).

We appreciate the team effort provided to myself and my teenage son and daughter. The coordinated skill and efforts of Val and Mary Beth, along with Dr. Insolera, made for thorough, consistent, quality care. Also, your good will and good humor made for enjoyable visits. Once again, we express our thanks.” – Nancy, Alice, and Bill


“The TMJ Center of Middleton, WI listened to my concerns, painlessly corrected my unstable bite and improved my quality of life.

I was repeatedly diagnosed with Vertigo for nearly one year beginning in 2001. It completely interrupted my active life. I had trouble driving, reading, and even developed anxiety from having this go untreated for so long. After seeing numerous MD’s, running many expensive tests, and finally seeing a neurologist whose final diagnosis was “stress”, I found the TMJ Center of Middleton after speaking with my dentist about my ongoing dizziness.

I felt relief immediately. The TMJ Center’s professionals believed my symptoms were real and took action. My dizziness went away in less than three months after Seeing Dr. Insolera and his team. Once I received my orthotic, for the first time, my bite felt stable. I was able to drive again, without worry, scroll through work e-mails without fear of dizziness, and even enjoy movies and books again.

I was clear to move on with my life. I was married in 2003 and my husband and I were delighted to welcome a beautiful baby boy into our life in 2004. Needless to say, those few years were very busy and I had no symptoms of TMJ during the wedding planning or pregnancy the following year.

We were devastated to find out that our son’s newborn screens showed that he may have been born with a genetic metabolic disorder that was life threatening. We immediately went into crisis mode and did everything we could to ensure the safety of our baby. He had special feeding needs that didn’t allow us much sleep, even less than a healthy newborn. The constant worry and physical demands took their toll on both of us. For eighteen month, our first and only concern was for our infant son. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Waisman Center and our pediatrician our son was given a clean bill of health at eighteen months. His tests were all coming back normal and his definitive biopsies were normal also.

All this while, I was literally chewing up my orthotic I received in 2002. I started having TMJ symptoms again right after Mason (son) was cleared of his health problem. I was having headaches constantly, for days at a time with no relief from over-the-counter pain relievers. I returned to the TMJ Center, now nearly four years later and they knew my name, remembered my case, and once again took action and relieved my pain. I received a new orthotic and was better again within weeks.

I am so thankful for this clinic and the caring individuals that work here. I was surprised to see all the same faces after four years of being away. This speaks volumes for the clinic. They must all really have a passion for helping people. It is so much more than x-rays and retainers. It’s about listening, taking action and improving patients’ quality of life. Thanks TMJ Center!”  – Kelly T.